Structural Wood Repair


Termites, Rot, and fungus create millions of dollars of damage to homes, businesses, apartments, and associations each year While other companies claim to offer repairs…only to come in and attempt to patch areas that should be replaced. Or install the wrong type of material, leaving your home a mix match of different types of material. At Suncrest Exterminating we take pride in the fact that our repair crews are some of the most highly skilled carpenters in the industry. Our repair crews go the extra mile to ensure that you home, office, apartment, or association is brought back to its original beauty. When replacing damage we try to always replace the entire section of wood, as to not create additional seams that were not part of the original design of your property. And with our PAINT TO MATCH on all repairs…it will appear that your home never had damage to begin with. Once you have had one of our State licenced inspectors inspect your home, you will receive a report outlining the areas of damage and our recommendation on how to correct these issues. While our repair bid may not be the lowest…our repairs are the highest quality in the industry!


  • Termite Repairs

  • Dry Rot And Fungus Repairs

  • Bathroom Floors And Shower Pans

  • Roof repairs

  • Patio And Deck Repairs

  • Roof Leak Detection

  • Drywall Texture

  • Door And Window Replacement

  • Painting

  • Stucco Repair